Friday, December 14, 2007

Appalachian Blog Tapas (You Bring the Wine)

Silver Bridge of Point Pleasant, West Virginia circa 1928
(Image from Wikipedia)

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beer, or wine, or whiskey, or perhaps even Dr. Enuf, plop your laptop into your lap, and help yourself to an assortment of delicious Tapas - some are sour, some are sweet, others more toothsome, yet others salty, and a few are downright bitter - but together they make for something vibrant.

"The Jobs Issue in West Virginia"

The West Virginia Blog

"Give a Gun for Christmas"
tug's life

"Notes on the Cullowhee Copper District"
ruminations from the distant hills

"Cheerwine, RC, a Pick-Up, and North Carolina"
The Field Guide to What's Good

"John Johns Mural"
The CartoonSteve Blog

"More From 'Bridge Day' 2007"
The C Spot

"Weird Woods"
Buzzardbilly: Appalachian Being

"another of those terrible times"
Buffy Holt

"Lectionary Haikus: Zacchaeus"
Among the Hills

"Say Goodbye to the Cataloochee Side of the Park"

Appalachian Writers

"Welcome to Roach"

"Religious Freedom in West Virginia"
Huntington West Virginia Blog

"bad ride"

"State-Wide Organization Formed to Protect Landowners' Rights"
West Virginia Highlands Voice

"One More Winter, Warm"
Fragments From Floyd

"A Taint of Death"
The Goat Rope

"From Back in the Holler"
Its a Blog Eat Blog World

"Thank the Lard!"
The Herbwife's Kitchen

"Sandwich Party of One"
Hillbilly, Please

"Parkersburg HDJ Review - Mr. Diggity"
West Virginia Hot Dog Blog

"Nitro city officials are trying to figure out what happened to $40,000 in missing checks"
West Virginia State Gov't Watcher

"I Smell Corn Dogs - LSU Must Be Playing the Vols"

"As the Eyes Have It"
Nameless Creek

"Sometimes . . ."
Open Mike

"The Longest Autumn"
Plummer's Hollow, Pennsylvania

"Winter Time Tree"

"Keep Dreamin' of a White Christmas"

"Northern District of West Virginia to Realign its Divisions"
Brian Peterson's West Virginia Legal Weblog

"Ashevegas Street Musicians"

"re: welcome to the show"

"a gorgeous December day"
Southern Highlands Cam

"Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike"
Juanuchi's Way

"Green Thumb Sunday"
A Laughing Gypsy

"Sacred Insanity"

"Christmas with Washington Irving"
Destination Unknown

"Weeds of Brooklyn #5"
Dope on the Slope

"Buildingscape: Let Them Eat Cake"

"Tory Amos"

"Feelin' Asheville"
1000 Black Lines

"Cookie Time!"
Carpe You Some Diem!

"Rodent Writing?"
Pocahontas County Fare

"Mast General Store - Since 1883"
North Carolina Mountain Dreams

On Location With Rick Lee

"Suspended School Official Sold Hot Dogs During His Time Off"
One Stack Mind

"It had to be here"
Tennessee Jed

"Blogger difficulties, fiber store, free yarn"
Thistle Cove Farm

"Small Business"

"cascade falls pembroke, virginia"
oya baka mama

"The Tailgate"
Bastard Sons of Pinfall Marks

"Loving Thoughts Collage"
Beyond the Ninth Wave

"Roaming the Ashevillosphere"

"The Maysville Jockey Club"
Maysville, Macon County, Kentucky

"Roanoke's checkbook."
Just Another Day in Roanoke

"Defending the Poor in W.Va."
Lincoln Walks at Midnight

"Major South Waterfront Development Announced"

"Pedestal Rock"
Life Through 4 Eyes

"The Emily Brass Band Shines On"
Loose Leaf Notes

"My Other Home"
Tennessee Text Wrestling

"fall day?"
This is Not My Blog.

"The Word is Out - Can You Help?"
Front Porch Blog

"Evening Mists"
Appalachian Treks

"Bear Hunting is Gung Ho, Part II"
Appalachian Patria

"West Virginia Stereotypes: Don't Believe the Hype"

"One Hundred Years Ago Today: Monongah Mine Disaster"
Appalachian Greens

"Fire Up the Christmas Pudding!"
Appalachian History

"Whoa Mule - Folk Song Lyrics"
Appalachian Music Blogger - Henry Queen

"First Snow 2007"
Blue Country Magic

"Licking Wounds and Liking Barn Quilts"
Blue Ridge Blog

"Mountain Witness Tour Mosaic"
Pictures and Words

"How Big is MTR Mining"
Charlestonian Blog

"Iron Mitten Featuring Tom Adams"
The Bluegrass Blog

"'There isn't enough super glue in the world' or ' Sunshine, stat'"
American Twentysomething 3.0

"Outhouses of my youth . . ."
Al's Rantings

"Through a Glass Darkly"
the Contrary Goddess

"On Creating 'It's a Wonderful Life' for the Stage"
Cup of Joe Powell

"It Was Self-Defense"
Les Jones

"Knoxville man arrested for flirting on the street"
Knoxville Trivia Blog

"Kentucky Earns High Marks . . . For Breakfast"
Kentucky School News

And to finish?

See What's hAPPening! for the latest on our boys over at Appy State and their semester-long drive for there 703rd National Championship in a row and's Hot Topics (1, 2, 3, & 4) for a series of entries on the tragedy of Point Pleasant's Silver Bridge - one is light, one is heavy, and together they'll leave you satisfied.


Jennifer said...

A native West Virginian, now a NC resident. I read often, but don't think I've commented before; today I had no choice.

I just love you for this.

jedijawa said...


Buzzardbilly said...

Wow! I don't know what I'm more excited about: being included on this list or getting the chance to check out all the others who are listed.

Either way, thanks so much.

CountryDew said...

Thanks so much for including me in this list. Now to the reading!

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