Monday, December 03, 2007

Appalachianista Blogs

Hotel Sign in Rainelle, West Virginia
(Image from the tremendous Field Guide to What's Good)

You know me - I love "technology" and the "internet." It makes me all giddy. Well, this morning while I was surfing during breakfast I decided to hit up the legendary (among bloggers) Technorati and perform a very particular sort of search - I decided to specifically look for those blogs claiming to be about Appalachia in general - 70 sites were listed for my blog-pleasure as a result. I decided to rank order them according to their authority rating and list 'm for you (editing out spurious or dead entries as well as sites which haven't updated since August of this year) for your life-pleasure. The results, maestro:

Authority of 77: Smokey Mountain Breakdown

Authority of 66: Hillbilly Savants

Authority of 53: Buffy Holt

Authority of 50: Shuck and Jive

Authority 0f 41: Appalachian History

Authority of 36: The Herbwife's Kitchen

Authority of 31: Pocahontas County Fare

Authority of 22: Among the Hills

Authority of 18: Appalachian Writers

Authority of 18: Quo Vadis

Authority of 15: Tales From Creekistan

Authority of 12: Rednecromancer

Authority of 9: Mari's Midnight Garden

Authority of 9: Tug's Life

Authority of 8: Beyond the 9th Wave

Authority of 6: Plummer's Hollow, Pennsylvania

Authority of 4: Quilts and Creativity

Authority of 2: Garysworld 'Appalachia'

Authority of 2: Mindracket

Authority of 2: Zezrie's Ponderings

Authority of 1: Dog and Pony Show

Authority of 1: epizoodiks. . .

Authority of 1: Guide to What's Good

Authority of 1: Life Through 4 Eyes

Authority of 1: pfly

Authority of 1: Pictures and Words

Authority of 0: Appalachia

Authority of 0: Appalachia and Beyond

Authority of 0: Appalachia's Best Mullets

Authority of 0: Appalachian Music Blogger - Henry Queen

Authority of 0: Cross-Cultural Encounter: Appalachia

Authority of 0: Oh, Appalachia!

Authority of 0: Reading in Appalachia

Authority of 0: Six Weeks in Appalachia

Authority of 0: Ups and Downs in Appalachia

So the final count is about 35 - we're a pretty elite group of writers, eh? Of course there are tons of localist Appalachian bloggers writing about a particular county, town, city, or sub-region, but wow - - - surprisinglicious. Anyway - if there are sites you haven't visited, you should check'm out (I'll be adding several permanent peer links in the next few days, in case you're wondering) - there are some gems in amongst this group. And stuff.


Rosie said...

I so owe you guys some posts. I feel dreadfully guilty. I promise I'm going to get something together soon! I can't believe I'm higher than Buffy...she's so much more amazing than I am.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your inclusion of the Plummer's Hollow blog/website (I'm surprised our Technorati authority was even as high as 6!). We don't claim to be about Appalachia in general, but about one very small part of it in particular - and in the geography section, we attempt to explain how we can be simultaneously at the northern tip of Appalachia and in the central part of the Appalachians.

I see you don't include a "Pennsylvania" label, by the way.

Rebecca said...

Wow, fascinating, are there really so few of us blogging about Appalachia? I'm shocked that I'm so high on the list!

sarahbryan said...

...and thanks for the link to Field Guide to What's Good. I'm glad y'all like it!

Bro. Byron said...

Thanks for the shout out about Tug's Life as well!

Buffy said...

Proud to be counted....

Mike said...

Thanks for the mention. We are still pluggin' along over on the creek.

Jacob said...

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Anonymous said...

hey i know this is like a really old, old post but could you please change the url on my entry? i'd appreciate it!

mari's midnight garden is located at now. :)


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