Monday, March 19, 2007

Hillbilly Fever

Even here in Richmond this little blog of ours is making an impact. The other night amongst wonderful new friends I felt like I was among “kin.” This time instead of sitting around a fire or on a rocking porch I sat in a fan house and listen to people pop open boxes, pull out instruments, and start playing old time music. Every pluck of a banjo, a bass, and holler of the voice gave me even more pride in my heritage with a beaming joy for what we are doing here at Hillbilly Savants. As I stood there I could not get the vision out of my head when I once sat on the back of my father’s tractor with my grandmother planting row tobacco. I was only about eight when I first started helping out and sitting of the back of the tractor with my grandmother following my hands, showing me how to plant the crop correctly, proved to be a starting point in my understanding of that country community. Sadly, I had to leave before the party really started jumping but in my short visit I realized that there is definitely a Hillbilly community growing and I am proud to be included. Thank you all for a wonderful time and I hope to speak with each and every one of you again.

Keep plowing boys and girls.

by George Vaughn
covered by Little Jimmy Dickens

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