Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Saturday Bulletin

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my fellow Savants to the work Jerry Tracy. Jerry is a Knoxville native and one of the most singularly-funny people I've met in this lifetime.

For years, he's produced clipart comics for close friends and acquaintances, and we decided it was time that everyone got a chance to laugh at them. So I built him a website, and he's filling it with comics. Now all we need are people to read them.

Please take a few minutes to enjoy The Saturday Bulletin.

If you like it - or even if you hate it - head over to the forum and leave a message. The site's in total infancy, so please spread the word.


CS said...

These are very funny. When I figure out how to leave a comment on that site, I will do that.

cechols said...

Right now, there is only the forum. If you look to the lower left, you'll find a link there. We've debated whether or not to have comments on individual posts...

Thanks for taking the time!

cechols said...

Ok. The site now has a brand-spanking new comment page for easy comment leavin'!

Just look at the bottom for the huge link button - or at the very top of the page.

Thanks for the suggestion CS.

Jerry said...

Well, this is my first attempt at leaving a comment on someone else's site/blog/message board/thingamajig. . . ever. Journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first misstep.

Thanks to Chris for all his compliments. Been poking around "hillbilly savants" world. Good stuff. Let's me know I've really got to get out more, virtually speaking.

Thanks again for all the praise for The Saturday Bulletin.