Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fairmont, WV

I took the following photos in Fairmont, WV during my visit in November.

Marion County Courthouse
Downtown Fairmont

The Monongahela River

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ck said...

i was born in fairmont, though i grew up in elkins. i always liked fairmont, but it's starting to feel run down. most of the energy it could've had is sapped by nearby morgantown and clarksburg.

John Norris Brown said...

My grandmother was born and raised in Fairmont, but I've only been a couple times.

Elizabeth said...

I live in Morgantown, and many of my friends are moving back to Fairmont for the lower housing prices.

Anonymous said...

Fairmont is also the home of the paternal grandmother of one of the world's great blues legends - CW STONEKING - her name was Florence Lloyd Robey (later Marshall) - and she grew up in Mannngton and tehn Sterling Heights, Fairmont. Check out CW's music at

Anonymous said...

my dad grew up in fairmont, along with his 4 brothers and 1 sister. we have an 'a' frame vacation house on the river, which ive spent almost every summer of my life. its a small town, but has some great memories. if u know the haley's off of coleman ave. thats us!!
~liz morrison (formerly haley)