Wednesday, April 01, 2009


All Things Considered ran another story yesterday afternoon on Mountaintop Removal Mining and the administration's recent moves against it, including this bit: "There is no practice in this country as environmentally destructive as large-scale surface mining."

Read and listen here. Kudos to NPR for its long-time attention to this issue.

A few helpful links:

Mountain Justice

Appalachian Voices
Some great (horrific) photos


Douglas said...

Another very good blog on mountaintop removal by one of the country's most informed and award-winning investigative reporters on the topic is my colleague Ken Ward's "Coal Tattoo" blog at the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, WV, at


An excellant post on MTR. You must check out Ken Ward's blog, "Coal Tattoo" is very eye opening.

Mtn Dweller said...

NPR is amazing. I've been a huge fan for several years. Thanks for the link! I'm glad they are bringing attention Mountaintop Removal Mining.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If anyone reading this article has ever been involved in mountain top mining, and has seen the reclaimed mines afterward, you would realize that the media in general stereotypes this practice into something it is not. Do some actual research into mountaintop mining, other than what any media reports and you will find that most of what is reported is "flat out wrong". Emotion over facts, etc. Fly over a reclaimed mine that has re-vegetated and you will not be able to locate it. The streams may suffer in the short term (sometimes) but they benefit in the long term, over a period of years. Valley fills only fill ephemeral portions of the very steep headwaters, and when reclaimed, act as a large "sponge" that soaks up heavy rains, keeps flooding in check, and then releases the water slowly into the stream and maintains a more consistent baseflow of water, etc., etc., etc.

Blinders off said...

I wonder what mining company Anonymous @5:02 works for?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't care if there were no ill effects associated with mountaintop removal. I prefer the mountain over your sponge.

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