Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Haint Mistress"

Abingdon and the surrounding areas are filled with stories of ghosts. They walk down the tracks in Emory trying to catch a ride out of the mountains. They pace the grounds of our very own Martha Washington Inn and they throw pots around the upstairs of the Abingdon Tavern. So, just in time for Halloween I want to bring you a two-hour tour that can raise the hairs on your neck while you learn the true past of the historic town Abingdon, VA. And who else to lead this ghost busting, spirit-hunting band of curious victims is the one and only “Haint Mistress” Donnamarie Emmert. Donnamarie personally had an involvement in my own definition of who I am. She was an early professor whom I will never forget. Her interaction and care of what she taught formed a love of the subject in myself. She taught english literature at VHCC and was the one person who always told me to F### what others said and go for what I really wanted. It is because of her that I found painting. Since then she wrote a book called “Haunted Historic Abingdon, Vol 1” and has been leading groups around the bricked streets of Abingdon as a present day Pied Piper. You may have passed her at the Va Highlands Festival while she sits in a circle on the ground with groups of ears eagerly pointing her direction, trying to catch every word. You also may have seen her standing on the corner of a street pointing at darkened windows. But, for some reason if you have missed this treasure take a chance this year and listen to some amazing stories or the strange past of a beautiful old town.

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