Saturday, October 21, 2006

October Hike at Panther Creek

Another perfect October Saturday. It wasn't on the agenda but it was far too beautiful a day not to fit in at least a short hike at Panther Creek State Park in Morristown, Tennessee. The park has some 1400+ acres carved out of the land alongside Cherokee Lake and has a surprisingly isolated feel once you hike back into the woods.

After walking around a bit by the lake overlook, my son chose the Sinkholes Trail. The sinkhole phenomenon is intriguing to me - the idea of the limestone beneath your feet quietly dissolving away until the ground collapes into the cavern that has been formed. Occasionally a misplaced building is swallowed up. Here in the woods you get deep mossy rock pits.

It was cool in the shaded woods and we looked up once to see a deer watching us from close by as it grazed. Back out in the sun, the leaf color is stunning this time of year. Next time, we'll hit our other favorite, the Ore Mine trail.


King of Peace said...

Beautiful photos! I particularly like the grandaddy longlegs on the mossy stump.


CSL said...

Wow! You have keener eyes than I do - I just had to enlarge it to see where the spider was hiding on the side. Good spot.