Friday, December 22, 2006

The Weekend Five: The Return of ETSU Football

The Once and Future East Tennessee State Buccaneers
(Photo from Buc Football & Friends Foundation,
a Great Site Worthy of Substantive Inquiry)

East Tennessee State University played its final football game in November of 2003 - right after they first appeared on their first video game, by the by. I never saw ETSU play live, but I did see a few of their games on the old tube, and I will definitely say it makes me sad to see any school have to shut an athletic program down by reason of inadequate funding (tears in heaven). Today something happened - Buc football is back. Probably.

1) Kingsport Times-News - "Stanton Supports Bringing Football Program Back to ETSU, Millions in Funds and Board of Regents Approval Still Needed"

2) East Tennessee State Athletics - Football Retrospective Page

3) Buc Football & Friends Foundation

4) Bristol Herald Courier - "ETSU President Supports the Return of Football"

5) ETSU Football Task Force Report

I'm sure we'll be back to this one soon - Mr. Kerns, I'm looking at you.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Feliz Futbol Notreamericano.

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