Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Handmade Holiday Trunk Show

The Woodruff Building in 2,000,000 BCE
(Image from the Downtown Grill & Brewery)


ooooo. . . . dramatic, eh? Hecks yes it is. Why? Well . . . it is art show time (support local art, dammit!), and you better get in there for the big dance. Here are the vitals, as passed on to me by show organizer Jill Colquitt. Ahem:

The Handmade Holiday trunk show opens this Thursday, November 29th at 4:00, make sure you stop in to check out all the great art and crafts, there are items for everyone on your list!
The reception will be on Saturday, December 1st, and the show will be open until 8:00pm, there'll be some music & great snacks for your holiday shopping.

The event features goods by Yee-Haw Industries, Dot-iris, Bird Dog Press, Duchess, & many other local & regional artists. Items include stationery, apparel, jewelry, accessories, pottery, tire planters, framed art, posters and one-of-a-kind prints.

Yeah. You're loving it, you're interested. You're giddy. But you need details - times, dates, places. Luckily I cut and paste them right below. Ahem (deuce):

Show Dates (Thursday - Sunday):
Nov. 29th – Dec. 2nd, Dec. 6th – 9th, Dec. 13th – 16th

Thursday & Friday: 4 - 8
Saturday: 12 - 6
Sunday: 1 – 5

424 Gay Street on the the Fifth Floor of the Woodruff Building
(home of the Downtown Grill & Brewery, home of delicious foods and brews)

That's pretty much the ticket. I was up there on Tuesday and the space is incredible, not to mention the selection of art work (prints, paintings, pastels, clothing, pottery, the list is seemingly endless) of every conceivable style (that's right - modern to, um, less modern). And, if you're interested, I have some paintings for sale up there too (you can see a few of them here - - - my site is still being rebuilt, but I figured, hey, why not give ya'll a look-see; also, I don't have a good slide-taking camera, so apologies for the odd shots). Regardless, go in, take a look around, and if you have a little extra money, buy a piece or two. On the way up (and down) grab a local beer from the DG&B and stop in.


Due to the SEC scheduling conflict, the reception has been moved to 1st Friday, Dec. 7th, for those of you that love football AND great handmade gifts. We will still have the wonderful Jessica Meyers tattoo event from 5-7 for those that will be shopping Saturday night!

Saturday, Dec. 1st: 12-8 Jessica Meyers skin transferable lithography/temporary tattoo event

Friday, Dec. 7th: 4-8 Reception featuring spirits from Downtown Grill & Brewery

And if you can't be there, not a problem! There'll be a similar event at the closing the show on Saturday, December 15th (same Bat-Time, same Bat-Place).

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