Monday, November 26, 2007

New River Voice

Gutentagen, as they say in Boone - - - er, Bonn.


Sorry, sorry, I've been waiting for ages to use that one. Regardless, I have a publication to recommend to you ladies and gentlemen - the New River Voice. Oh sure, they've been around for awhile, but they're relatively new to the web, and as you all know, that's where our dance card is stamped. Now, before I run on and on (and off the subject) let me drop their self-description on ya'll:

The New River Voice is published biweekly from its offices in Radford, Va. The New River Voice is available free of charge at designated distribution outlets throughout the New River Valley and in surrounding areas. No one may have more than one current issue of the New River Voice without permission of NRV management. Theft of NRV publications will be prosecuted.
Okay - less descriptive than I'd hoped, but I can add some key jonx for you. The Voice is filled with great information for locals, be it in the form of articles, classifieds, and the essential community calenders (support local art, music, drama, and literature and take part in local politics, dang it!).

So here is the kicker. Check out the website. If you live in the NRV, pick up a copy of the once every couple weeks (if you're passing through, grab one for your hotel reading). But don't stop there kids. The New River Voice is looking for input, both in terms of constant updates on local happenings and for writers, particularly hailing from the smaller communities of the New River Valley - so budding writers looking for an outlet, start writing locally and sending'm some of your better edited works . . . you might become (magical stars) famous.


~c. said...

Is there a link?

Eric Drummond Smith said...

Argh. I have remedied my earlier error. Bravo - I owe you a purple Rocky Top soda.