Friday, December 07, 2007

The Handmade Holiday Trunk Show (Part 2)

The Show
(This and all images photographed by
Justin Smith; actual art by a plethora of artists)

Okay Ladies and Gents - for those of you who haven't been to the Handmade Holiday Trunk Show (I know I have already dropped you that knowledge, but golly, I've got some good stuff for you, so let's get in the trust tree), you missed a great formal Opening for it tonight - - - the opening was a genuine delight. Great local beer; jazz, bluegrass, and punk music (not live, I can't lie, but you know, the kind of mix that gets a man to dancin'); a 5th story view of the Knoxville Christmas Parade; and, of course, tons of local and regional artists and craftsmen. That said, the party will continue - in fact, not only will it continue in the sense of the art being up for several more days, but furthermore on the Saturday the 15th there will be a Closing, essentially another chance for good-times, good beer, and general awesome. Oh, and the low-down?

Show Dates (Thursday - Sunday):
As of now: Dec. 8th – 9th, Dec. 13th – 16th

Thursday & Friday: 4 - 8
Saturday: 12 - 6
Sunday: 1 – 5

424 Gay Street on the the Fifth Floor of the Woodruff Building
(home of the Downtown Grill & Brewery, home of delicious foods and brews)

I thought I'd share some details with you about it since, um, now I have a lot more. Consider:

We didn't get quite everybody (apologies) but I hope this sample will do to convince you of the big dance. And dare I forget - - - -

Delicious Beverages a la Downtown Grill & Brewery's
Woodruff Brewing Company

Alright, all said, this show is great, the folks running it are great, and the beer is, um, delicious. I insist you visit it immediately. Danggit. Oh, also, some links from the resident artists - you know, so you can get a sense of the talent here (and of course so you can patronize them later) - dig on these links. Trust me - they are worth the mouse click. Ahem:

Amy Campbell {Illustration & Design}
Knoxville, Tennessee

Dot Iris Headware
Knoxville, Tennessee

Pseudopots Ceramics Studio
Knoxville, Tennessee

Michele Richards, Artist
Knoxville, Tennessee

Eric Drummond Smith
Knoxville, Tennessee

Judy Stuecker, Fiber Artist
Asheville, North Carolina

Yee-Haw Industries: Letterpress & Design Company
Knoxville, Tennessee

That's the long and short of it - - - I hope it gives you a case of the happies, and I hope to see you on the 15th, if not before.


Steven said...

Fantastic. Yee-Haw rocks. Saw those guys at Floyd Fest. Anyone in the market for posters and letterpress originals should give them a serious look.

John L. Kerns said...

Dropped by the show Sunday afternoon - great event all-around.