Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The New York Times Discovers the Libation of the Deities of Transylvania and the Cumberlands

Image by Tony Cenicola and from The New York Times

Check out this interesting article from the New York Times for you on good, ol' fashioned bourbon . . . one criticism, however - seems that this is a little late in the coming. Another sign of what I have been calling, recently, the Appalachian Renaissance. Cite appropriately (grin).

Oh, and speaking of citing, a nod and a wink to Mike Mason for recommending this one.

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Mary Trigiani said...

Hi everyone. This story reminds me of the time shortly after we moved to Big Stone Gap. After work in the summers, one of Dad's new friends, a courtly Virginia gent, would stop by for a short visit. He introduced Dad to bourbon and ice tea, which I was taught to mix for them. I felt very sophisticated, and to this day, every time I see a bottle of bourbon, I think of those times and what I learned about hospitality.