Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lesser Demons of a Minor Artist

Los Santos de los Estados Unidos, 2007

Hey everyone, forgive my impertinence, but . . . I want to drop you some knowledge about an upcoming show of mine entitled “Lesser Demons of a Minor Artist" which is opening at Andi's Gallery & Tattoo. Specifically, it is a collection of my paintings and drawings (my work is an agglomeration of expressionism and pop art with heavy influence from the symbolist movements and classical East Asian design) which will be for sale at extremely reasonable prices. If you want to check out some of my work ahead of time, just click over to my homepage . . . most of these pieces plus several others will be up for sale at reasonable prices at the show.

Ghost in Fez with Pipe, 2007

There'll be live music provided by the fantastic Ron Dunbar of Wilkesboro, NC (you can hear a few of his pieces at his homepage and/or at MySpace).

UPDATE 2: I forgot to list the date and time of this little shindig. Because it is just, like, really important (John Kerns, thank-you for the wisdom). The date is February 23rd (that's this upcoming Saturday) and the time is 7PM to Midnight. Awesome

Oh, and if you miss the show opening, please feel free to visit Andi's Gallery later - the show will be up through the end of March at least.

See ya' there, kids.

UPDATE: Okay, I'm an idiot - I didn't tell you the location of the gallery. Doy. Consider:

Andi's Gallery & Tattoo
7043 Maynardsville Pike
Northside Square Plaza
Suite 13
Knoxville, TN

Gracias mon amigos . . . e.-

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