Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What the #@$%

The link from John’s post below is the reason we started the HS site. This type of idiotic mentality and regional profiling is sickening and absurd but how many people outside of Appalachia see us like deformed, inbred rogues who sit on our arses all day and shoot at squirrels. I would love for all of us to show up for “casting day” and give them a real lesson in Appalachia… about a clannish situation. There is a bigger system at work here where we have to deal with information, the real kind of information that can show the outside public who we are. I call on all of you to start communicating more. We at HS need to keep this going and to discuss what is important from dying languages to social awareness, from poverty to politics. We care and we are not the type to give in so let’s fill this bucket up with everything we can. Let’s start “hollering.”

As my dad once said, “it is time to start preaching.”

Damn, I am pissed.


ronbailey said...

You can reach the casting people by e-mail at, and by phone at 412-391-1005. Their Fax number is 412-560-1005.

There website is

Michael Tod Ralstin said...

Perhaps it is time that HS becomes an organization. National Geographic has the National Geographic Society. How about the Amalgamation of Pissed off Hillbillies?

We could be the folks who get on CNN and remind the public that hate is ugly no matter who it is directed at.

We could have an annual meeting that didn't consist of outsiders playing Old Time and Bluegrass like it was jazz or that had sessions so full of deconstructionist lingo that you need a Rosetta Stone to translate.

We could also get our flag produced.

Our Goblin Market said...

Thank you all for these wonderful posts and I can only hope that the dialog continues. We at HS are coming together to make a statement and by Eric's post further below we see that this statement is being heard more and more. Congrats for that. I too am wanting to see how far this little blog can go and have spoken to many of the HS team to make plans that bring our presence out more in the political arena, may it be an organization or publication. We are all working to that point and I am sure we will be seeing these goals achieved. In Eric's own words "Ain't it nice to be at the beginning of the Appalachian Renaissance?"
Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work.

Steven said...
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Folk Face said...

I'm serious. Screw Them and what they think. Why does it matter what the 'outside public thinks we are'?