Friday, July 18, 2008

Blue Ridge Outdoors

Photo by Hazel Crabtree, Saltville, VA 1928

It was astonishing and exciting to hear about the new publication from Blue Ridge Outdoors about some deep issues in our present Appalachian backyards. The two main articles this month brings about more awareness to the environmental and social strains applied to the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia. Thank you so much Blue Ridge Outdoors for taking this chance to at least cover what is going on.

Read the articles from the website here or pick up a copy for yourself.

Keeper of the Mountains
by Chris Weller

Faces of Coal
by Jedd Ferris

Photo by Hazel Crabtree, 1929


CoalfieldKingsnake said...

Thanks for posting about the article!

Sage said...

How long must the people of West Virginia have their lives sacrificed on the altar of power and greed? The so's-n-so's that control the coal (and would never live next to a removal operation) have decided long ago they will never listen to anyone adversely affected by their tactics. Shame on them and those who changed the laws for them!

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