Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summertime Reward

Swimming under the Cascades of Giles County, Virginia provides instant relief from the two mile hike in the summer heat.


Jeremy Peters said...

Great photo Mike.

I love the Cascades. It is just a great place. But I hear the hike is treacherous in the winter...

Doris W said...

The hike is wild in winter, but the falls, if frozen, are amazing. When I was 16, I stepped on a Copperhead one summer while hiking to the falls. Luckily for me I stepped on it's head. It was sunning itself on a rock very early that morning and I didn't even notice it. I almost killed it by stepping on it, but it took a moment then slithered off into the brush. Back in the day we used to take a blanket, a pack of hotdogs and a few beers and camp out in the woods near the falls. Great place, lots very cool memories.

Sage said...

This article reminded me of the times in the 70's when my older siblings would head to the Cascades with their friends for the afternoon. It is truly one of the most beautiful scenes in the state.

William said...

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