Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bridge Day

There sure are a lot of crazy people in this land of ours. For one day each Autumn, the top 30% of all crazies that aren't institutionalized decend on Fayetteville, West Virginia to research if the law of gravity still applies. This one day, people are free to jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge during the Bridge Day Festival. If you're a base jumper, mark your calendar for October 21.

If one photo of people jumping off of the bridge doesn't give you the feel for the festival, watch the movie clip from Cirque Productions (in case you missed it from the last post).

Wild & Wonderful indeed.

As a side note, my grandfather was a crane operator, orginally from Hinton, WV. He spent many years in the early 1970's swinging steel girders and buttresses of the bridge into place just so that one day people could jump from it


CM Edwards said...

I went whitewater rafting down there about eleven years ago and ended up right under that bridge.

I always used to tell my friends who were always talking about wantin' to go out to see the Rockies that we've got alot of beautiful things right here at home they should explore first. New River may be one of the most beautiful.

You wouldn't any chance got any pictures of that guy's museum/house that's built out of the side of a mountain on the way up there, do you?

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