Thursday, June 15, 2006

Slow Road Home

Yes, another book for you.

Roanoke's NPR
station runs a local interview show, somewhat in the mold of "Fresh Air", on weekday evenings. Most guests are local politicians, artists, government employees and authors. Tonight, we were able to listen to Fred First, a local author. An Alabama native, he has lived in Virginia since 1975 where he taught at Wytheville Community College. Through a mid-life career change, he became a physical therapist. He later changed gears once again and started to focus on writing and photography. He started blogging in 2002, mainly as a place to do what we do here, share our favorite Appalachian experiences and photography with the world. Refining his writting over the past four years, he has become a regular essayist for WVTF and has been published in a number of Appalachian arts and trade mags. He's also just penned a new book, Slow Road Home.

First's web site for the books states that "If you live in or long for the southern mountains--If you find yourself drawn toward the pace and pleasures of unhurried, out-of-the-way places--If you hope for a home you are waiting to find, then you will feel at home in the pages of this memoir of place" You can order the book directly from the author's publishing company, Goose Creek Press or if you want to support Blacksburg's only independent bookstore, Easy Chair Booksellers, give them a call at 540-552-2665. These are good folks that will gladly ship you the book. I'll be stopping in tomorrow to pick up my copy.

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