Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tennessee Alumnus

Not long ago my fiance walked into my living room and threw a magazine at me. I picked it up and saw that it was her newest issue of the University of Tennessee - Knoxville's alumni magazine, Tennessee Alumnus. Well, I looked through it, and hot dog if most of the articles aren't on the venerable subject of this very blog. They're all worth a look-see, and lucky for us, they're all online - if you only have time for two, check out the last two, by the way. Consider:

A brief overview of the Encyclopedia of Appalachia, which was of course published by the UTK Press.

A brief Who's Who of Hillfolk.

"Home, Sweet Log Home"
A brief essay on log homes in the mountains.

"Tourism the Quiet Way"
An essay on the phenomenon of tourism in Appalachia.

"Through the Lens"
A great little collection of the photos of Don Dudenbostel of Knoxville.

A pity that only one of these little selections comes with the full set of photos from the magazine. . . ah well. Something's better than nothing.

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fred said...

Thanks for the "tourism" link, I'll pass it along to those in the county who have a hand in balancing Floyd County tourism with the need for jobs and revenue, pitting development against preservation, progress against keeping what is precious about things the way they are. And also thanks for the hat-tip to Fragments!