Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend Five Random Sites

I have decided that I want to post five (Arabic numeral 5, Roman numeral V) vaguely Appalachian-themed sites for your consideration. Enjoy them. Or don't. Don't let the simple portal page of this website fool you. There are a plethora of great photographs and brief histories of Hazard and Perry Counties in Kentucky. Home of the (former) World's Largest Tulip Tree. And the best (and only) Chinese food I've ever had in Kentucky.

The Knoxville Museum of Art: Pimpin' funkdified fine art.

Western Carolina University's Craft Revival: Quote: This website tells the story of the historic Craft Revival and its impact on western North Carolina. During the revival, North Carolina makers shaped clay, in turn, shaping the attitudes and values that contribute to today’s appreciation of the handmade object. Makers wove cotton, linen, and wool, weaving a sense of community that contributes to a strong sense of place. Craftsmen hammered metal, forging partnerships to effect change. Artisans worked with wood, building a regional economy based on individual talent and entrepreneurship. These activities placed value on quality, individuality, and workmanship. They remain evident in the 21st century in a region that is both dynamic and progressive.

Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site (Hardy County, West Virginia): A nifty little site about an archaelogical dig on a farm in the Mountain State that was established in the late 18th Century.

Fragments of Floyd: Fantastic blog, really, really great. When I first found it, well, I read for about two hours. Addictive.

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