Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Now, Something a Little Different . . .

So I'm looking for local music for my iPod on the not-yet legendary (but soon to be) Podbop and an idea hits me - see if you (being me, of course, as I was talking to myself) can't find some West Virginia bands that are still pupating in their pre-national stage. Simple enough, right? But I put one restriction on myself - no mountain music, bluegrass, or country bands. Why, you're (being you, since now I'm writing for and to you) asking, would you be fool enough to do that? Simply put, cause its time for something a little different.

Ohhhhh, and before I leave you alone, a couple points. First, these bands come from several different genre - if one style doesn't appeal to you, no tear - try out a couple others. I have a feeling there is something for everyone here - we're in the Trust Tree, you know, the nest. Second, these aren't bands with national contracts guaranteeing them an income at least three times that of the average American for two months of touring and a month in the studio (ahem). These are real musicians, folks who have to tour to make a living. If you like their stuff, buy the CDs and hit up their shows. Support live music.

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