Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moonshine Bust

Legendary moonshiner Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton has been arrested. Sutton has been making 'shine for over three decades, and was featured in the History Channel special Hillbilly: The Real Story. Leave him be, I say.


Folk Face said...

All is not as it seems, and never is.

Folk Face said...

Isn't that a trip. popcorn sutton is like a dark noir warner brothers cartoon character. i know some other people over in there that are like that. i wish they had TV cameras on them all the time.

i saw a movie of popcorn sutton that was about as good as jescoe. what a character. something about newport and haywood county is legendary for dirty sheriffs organized crimes of passion and all around general corruption and likker running. greene and madison county too. what's up with that? Is it like the apple belt or the bible belt? or is it just a bunch of Dars?

Neal Hutcheson said...

I made the film about Popcorn that you saw; they used some of my footage in Hillbilly: The Real Story, but you can see the real real story in The Last One. There's a preview on my site if you're interested:
(I think you have to copy and paste this)