Monday, July 03, 2006


I was flipping around on the tube the other night and came across a real gem. Maryland Public Television was rebroadcasting a documentary created by Nashville Public Television called "THE APPALACHIANS". My thumb immediately and instinctively went numb, unable to click any further.

The three hour series offers a really nice overview of the Appalachian region and its history from Native American to modern times. It takes you through Appalachian geography, culture, music, religion, economics, and activism; all of which are presented in a historical context with a backdrop of mountains and music which makes it move along nicely. It also features interviews with Loretta Lynn, Rosanne and an elderly Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, and Ricky Skaggs.

For anyone with an interest in Appalachia, I suggest this documentary. It is on DVD with an accompanying book and CD available. But being just over a year old, it will more than likely be on your local PBS station in the near future.

Read more about "The Appalachians" from Nashville Public Television here, or view a trailer to "The Appalachians" both in Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

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