Monday, July 31, 2006

WETS 89.5 FM

Maybe it's just that I get to listen to this NPR station once a month or so when I venture into Southwestern Virginia but I believe it to be the best Public Radio station that I've come across. Living in the Roanoke market, we get our fair share of good programming of Appalachian content but it often strays into other areas of Virginia (cough...Nova, Eastern) that I couldn't care less about (that is to say until politicians want Appalachian money for pet projects (another bitter subject for me)). Through WVTF in Roanoke, we get to listen to Mountain Stage and A Taste of the Blue Ridge on Sundays but that is more or less it for programs that one needn't stay awake until 3am to find quality mountain issues.

This is why I love WETS. Every time I travel through the Johnson City market area I tune into this station to find wonderful programming. For instance, this past Sunday I was able to listen to a program, "Inside Appalachia", which must have been taking notes from this website. Virtually all of the show was dedicated to the opposition of mountaintop removal in search of coal. The show focused on the implications of a perceived cheap fuel, it's acquisition impact in the view of the locals, region, entire country and world. Basically, until someone in the upper level of guv'ment puts their foot down, the mountains will continued to be raped because we Appalachians are the minority in this fight. It will leave our grandchildren only telling stories of hills and hollers in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (Also, look up this Sunday's edition of the Bristol Herald Courier. Part One of Two of the "benefits of Strip Mining" was published. Places like vineyards, airports and industrial parks can be built on filled-in valleys. Aren't we so lucky!).

You'll also find bluegrass galore, the Grateful Dead Hour, Roots and Branches and other great programming broadcast from the ETSU campus. If you're ever passing through the Tri-Cities area, be sure to keep your radio on 89.5. You're sure to find programming to your liking.

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Jeremy Peters said...

I enjoy WETS's bountiful broadcast, even though I'm displaced from the region, by just cruising over to their live online broadcast.

Nice post! I enjoyed your thoughts on MTR. I was sad to learn that the Herald-Courier is fanning the flames!