Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Appalachian Cagers

I’m a dude. As much as I love fine art, literature, the culinary arts (which if you saw me you would realize), musical skills and dissecting science, I love me some sports (by no means am I suggesting that being a fan of sport is limited to genetic dudes but rather a dude-like attraction to clocks counting backwards, whistles, scores and three color combinations reflecting regional pride, creating dudes and dudettes alike). Being a Southerner by breed, football is number one in my sport-o-meter but being in 3-year old ACC Country has intensified my interest in the game of basketball. This year has been particularly good for schools from Appalachia. I believe that the talent and skills are there for a school from the region to go far in the NCAA Tournament, the greatest sporting tournament in the history of collegiate competition. So, with that said, a few more weeks of round ball are still left to be played but I think we can expect to see the following schools involved in the National Title hunt…

Appalachian State
Virginia Tech

West Virginia
and maybe Clemson

Also, we can have a little fun here. The NCAA tournament is time where employers lose more hours to employees surfing the 'net and logging into pools, checking brackets and scores, more than any time of the year to employee web surfing. We can help contribute to this statistic by creating our own HS internet challenge once tournament time rolls around in three weeks. When the media web-sites start up their pool pages, we'll get one for all HS writers and readers to play. The winner will receive a deep-fried corn dog and a medal (similar to a Virginia High School Marching Band award, circa 1992) to wear for a year.


John Norris Brown said...

ASU is looking pretty good, and with wins over Vandy and Virginia Tech, they could make a run in the tourney. Here's hoping anyway :-)

Mike Mason said...

Not to burst your ASU bubble but VT beat App State 69-37. However, the Mountaineers did beat Virginia (the Hoos, not Hokies)80-69. It's easy to get confused on this though. Any other year but this year would it be common for ASU to beat VT.