Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogs of Note

I'm always on the lookout for great blogs. Why? Well, besides the art, the photos, the political commentary, and the writing, I'm always looking for themes, ideas, and widgets to improve our own little blog, not to mention my search for more writing talent. Through the process, I build up lists of must-sees that I like to share. Enjoy them. Read them. Love them. Dammit.

Oh, and all the images below, the eye-candy? They are all linked from and creative children of the owners of the blogs adhered to their posteriors. Visit them, love them, link them. They're good folk.

Among the Hills
West Virginian Methodist Haiku
(Remember the Stadium Drive Rocky Top Soda, Reverend.)

Appalachian History
Smartness. And Barney Fife.

Asheville Area Music Scene
Music Described Using Adjectives Related to the Color "Blue." And This Squirrel.

Another Blog Using the Word Hillbilly. Also, There Are Pictures and Words.

Postcards, Cryptid Felines, the Smokey Mountain Cherokee Folk, and Clever Witticisms.

Knitting and Science in the Company of Marsupials

Smokey Mountain Breakdown
A Woman, Her Goats, and a Magical Floating Celtic Instrument

View from the Mountain
Beach-loving Canadio-Roanokian

If you-all know more, let us know - - - we are a community, after all.


Jane said...

Oh, hey ... thanks!

I can see I'll be spending the rest of my day exploring the other sites you linked to.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Dave Tabler said...

Eric, thanks for the nod! We all put so much thought and effort into these damn things; it's sure nice to know folks are out there enjoying them.


~c. said...

Eric...thanks also for the nod. I put NO effort or thought into this damned thing. But the knowledge is much appreciated.

Our Goblin Market said...

Have we linked here?

GULAHIYI said...

Thanks, Eric, you're a kind and generous gentleman to put my drivel alongside these other fine blogs. I still haven't run out of stories too good to go untold, though. Here's to HS, we love it!

Sandra said...

Many thanks for an interesting, informative blog with lovely photos. Especially, appreciate the link to the Pocahontas County Fare and the shared love of knitting.

Please visit I'm in Tazewell County and Thistle Cove Farm is used to celebrate my/our Appalachian culture and heritage.

Sheep Shearing Day @ Thistle Cove Farm is 21 April and open to the public. Lost Arts Guild members will demonstrate traditional Appalachian crafts while our Master Shearer /more than four decades of experience!/ is shearing our rare breed woolies.

The coffee pot will be on and we shear rain or shine.

CSL said...

Nice set of local blogs. I especially like the photos in Hillbilly, please. Thanks for scouting them all out.