Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Old Winters Song

Pic 1 is from Paint Creek, TN. Pics 2-4 are from Rich Mountain near Hot Springs, NC. Pic 5 is from Max Patch, NC and pic 6 is a bush outside where I live.


Chris said...

KFC, my friend, you continue to impress me with your photos. The last three are especially nice.

Keep it up.

Odat said...!!!

April said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the reference to the fitting phrase from Autumn Leaves (one of the greatest songs of all times in my view.) I hadn't thought of "Old Winter's Song" for many years but will tuck the phrase away for future reflection the next time nature gives us the breathtaking beauty of the season.

CharlesTheKungFuMaster said...

It's tough to tell, but if you look closely at my profile pic, I have some lyrics from Autumn Leaves on there.