Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Developments That Require Your Attention (and Stuff)

(Series of loud, high-pitched squeals)

Two key announcements coming up from your Emergency Hillbilly Announcement Jonx.

(Again, high-pitched onomatopoeia).

1. You may have noticed that we're re-working our links to our Kith and Kin (left column). Don't worry, the changes will continue. We're trying to localize them to specific towns and cities, so that people interested in those specific locales can focus on them at a glance. As you might notice, several of the blogs and sites lack grounding in any particular area, much less town. If you know their location, please let us know so we can, in turn, let our readers know. Right along with that, you may notice some towns and cities are underrepresented or entirely absent. We suggest that you suggest sites and blogs to us either through commenting or at immediately, if not sooner. If you have recommended in the past and I have screwed up and not added you, apologies - I want to make it better, so recommend away again. Note: if it is bigoted or pornographic, we ain't adding it, so don't even bother. We need your help to make this place even more awesometastic.

2. Nathan Fortner has, through due diligence, procured a domain name for us - - - oh-ho-ho, eh?
Presenting (onomatopoeia of a drumroll):

Buya. Cheers and salutations to Mr. Fortner. Now, update your links and, when you tell your friends about our humble little site, they'll find it even more simple and pleasant to remember. So spread the word, chief.

Many thanks for your attention, and please have patience with us while we kick the tires and light the fires on the new link-set.


(series of dolphin-like shrills and clicks indicating end of pseudo-governmental blither-blather)


Our Goblin Market said...


Our Goblin Market said...

By the way, were can I find a patch? :)

Steven said...

Woo hoo! You guys rock. By far my favorite blog in the world.