Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ramsey House Country Market

I spent yesterday in East Knox County at the Ramsey House Plantation, at the historic site's annual Country Market. Ramsey House is a beautiful limestone mansion that dates to 1791, and was built by one of Knoxville's earliest prominent settlers. The Country Market is the plantation's biggest event and fundraising effort of the year and is always great fun. Beautiful landscape, great food, loads of antiques, historic displays, and especially great old time music make this event one of my favorite of the year. Here are a few pictures from yesterday's festivities.

Also, it's not too late! If you're looking to make some last minute plans in the Knoxville area today, wander on out to Ramsey House for a very pleasant Sunday afternoon.

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Byron Chesney said...

Dadgumit, I knew I was forgetting something this weekend. Thanks for posting this, at least I didn't completely miss out!