Sunday, November 12, 2006

Roan Mountain State Park

Roan Mountain State Park, described in the brochure as a “2006-acre slice of southern Appalachia,” is located near Elizabethton, Tennessee.
We got Cabin 15, one of the nicest cabins we’ve rented at a state park. You can’t get to the cabins by car, so there is no traffic noise. No television, no phones, no internet access. Just quiet woods.

We walked the Peg Leg Mine trail, where iron ore was mined over 100 years ago by the Crab Orchard Mining Company.

The park also includes a nature trail along a wooden boardwalk, through a wooded area and down by a river. It was warm enough on this mid-November Saturday to be out in short-sleeves.

Major entertainment was provided by the wood burning stove. (Particularly during a macabre moment when termites swarmed out of a burning log to meet a fiery death.) The fire was hypnotic, and had to be captured on video. In that incredibly variable way you find in mountainous areas, a bit of snow was falling as we packed up to leave this morning.


J. Michael Mason said...

The cabin looks cozy, like a place you would want to get snowed in (of course, only if you brought enough wine and booze!).
I'm assuming you hike from your car to the cabin. How far is that trek?

CSL said...

Oh, not far - maybe only 120 feet? Just enough so no one can drive right by your cabin.

Anonymous said...

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