Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weekend Five: Transportation

I'll be hitting the road tomorrow, traveling across the great state of West Virginia en route to Huntington. I'll get to spend 3.5 hours listening to the thump-da-thump of the concrete sections of the West Virginia Turnpike under my tires. Unfortunately, many others will be hearing the same as the road is the one and only route through the state (unless you want to spend 7 hours on route 52, you take the interstate) . Years ago, I may have hopped on a Norfolk and Western J-Class steam locomotive to avoid automobile congestion. So, in longing for the days gone by and transportation solutions, I give you the Weekend Five in Eric's excused absence.

The Virginia Museum of Transportation

Norfolk & Western Historical Photograph Collection of Virginia Tech

Trans Dominion Express

Blue Ridge Soaring Society

88 Miles of Miracle

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Jeremy Peters said...

You beat me to this one, Mike. I'd like to offer a sixth link, RAIL Solution, a grassroots citizen group that has had good success promoting intermodal high-speed rail as a freight solution along the I-81 corridor.