Sunday, November 05, 2006

Route Eleven North

A few weeks ago, Eric brought us this post which focused on the "old road" between Abingdon, Virginia and Knoxville, Tennessee. The following is part two in the series of the Highway 11 scenery, starting in Abingdon and highlighting landmarks to Dublin, VA.

First , the Baja Cafe` in Abingdon. The building was once home to the town's general store. Now as the Baja, it has become a favorite watering hole of mine when I return to visit old friends. On Friday night, I met the owner of the establishment , who has achieved fame outside of Abingdon. He is known as "The Sheriff" on the Appalachian Trail documentary Trek.

The Chilhowie Tastee-Freez. Once a mainstay in every town in Southwest Virginia, they are few and far between now. Luckily for the residents of Smyth County, this one is still serving up cold and sweet treats.

The Seven Mile Ford Train Station, as it stands today, is a farm equipment shop.

Another sweet stop between Seven Mile Ford and Marion, the Dip-Dog provides its customers with all of the dairy and processed meat products that one would ever want. It is a mighty-fine place to visit with your sweetie!
Marion's Lincoln Theatre, home to the PBS hit show Song of the Mountains.

The road near Atkins.

The Appalachian Trail crosses Route 11 and I-81 near Groseclose. The gas station across the street is the first store hikers come across after leaving the Grayson Highlands on their journey north. Snickers bars and Mountain Dew are big sellers here.

The largest pencil this side of the Mississippi.

Sunset at Draper Mountain overlook outside of Pulaski.

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