Thursday, November 30, 2006

Song of the Mountains

For anyone who has access to WSBN (channel 47 for me), a Blue Ridge Public Television station, there is an excellent show that airs usually on Thursday nights. It is Song of the Mountains. The show is simply concerts that have been filmed at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia. It features primarily regional talent from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, at least from what I've seen. More often than not the featured genre is Bluegrass, but I've seen Old-Timey/Mountain Music bands, folksy solo artists and duos, and perhaps even a bit of Celtic influenced music on there (which is as it should be, since Appalachian music is often so deeply rooted there). The show is excellent, and there are many talented folks who have graced that stage, and more importantly, carried the torch for the heritage of our region. Check it out if you have the opportunity and let me know what you think.

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Glad to hear good reviews for the tv program! You should definitely make it to the Lincoln for a live performance when Blue Ridge PBS starts taping for tv again. For more information on upcoming shows visit: or