Monday, May 07, 2007

Arundinaria appalachiana

Hill Cane in Polk County, Tennessee
(Image from BambooWeb)

We've been scooped by the folks over at Cryptomundo. Alas and bemoan.

Surprise, surprise! Two known species of North American bamboo discovered 200 years ago have been joined by a brand new one just found in the last year. The “hill cane” was discovered in the Appalachian Mountains. This new species of bamboo (Arundinaria appalachiana) grows only to about 6 feet, compared with the other North American species - river cane and switch cane - which each can grow much taller and thicker. It is the only species of the three that drops its leaves. Locals knew about it but had not recognized it as anything so new or special.
Hmm. Intriguing, eh? Okay. Read the rest of the article. Go on. We'll wait.

Done? Pretty awesome, eh? I'm not sure I've ever seen this plant before - I can say it reminds me of Palm Sunday palms that I've seen used all over the region, but I can't say that such an impression is anything more than, well, an impression. Awesome jonx, regardless.

Additional random point - Arundinaria literally means "cane" and appalachiana literally means, well, "Appalachian" - thus the scientific name isn't hill cane - its Appalachian cane. Just a clarification.

Now, I could end it there, but you know me - - - so I got on the old inter-hooey, went clickity-clack, and bam, prepped some more info for you hungry, Appalachianista botanists. Enjoy.

"Botanists identify new species of North American bamboo"

"Iowa State University botanists identify new species of North American bamboo"
Iowa State University

"Hill Cane"
University of Tennessee Herbarium

"Arundinaria appalachiana"
Bamboo Flora & Fauna From Around the World

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