Friday, May 04, 2007


One year ago today this site was launched. I want to extend a B-I-G Thank You to everyone who has worked to make Hillbilly Savants become a great forum and representative for Appalachia. Between the contributions of photography, links, articles, history lessons and commentary, I think we've honed out a nice little niche on the Blogosphere.
Another Thanks! for our readers. We'll keep working to give you a reason to come back. Those of you who have left feedback for our writers, keep it coming. Borrowing a phrase from Robert Porterfield, founder of Abingdon, Virginia's Barter Theatre, "If you like us, talk about [or link] us. If not, then keep your mouth shut!"


John L. Kerns said...

Happy birthday you hillbillies, you savants.

Trace said...

You are absolutely one of my favorite blogsites!

I must admit, I often allow my hectic life to limit me from coming here as often as I should. I am in the business of making this blog a priority for my daily life, however.

Happy, happy birthday baby!