Saturday, May 05, 2007

East Tennessee's Tiger Haven

As a follow-up to Mr. Mason's excellent Critters post, I would like to point Hillbilly Savants readers to Roane County, Tennessee's Tiger Haven.

If you ever happened visit to Roane County, TN, tigers and other big cats didn't come to mind. It's a rural county and relatively underdeveloped economically, though it's coming around as a bedroom community to Knoxville. In the shadow of the Cumberland Plateau, its beautiful landscapes surround Watts Bar Lake, one of the TVA reservoirs along the Tennessee River system, and is becoming a big draw for high-end exurbanites.

Tiger Haven is exactly what its name implies. In Kingston, TN - of all places - hundreds of tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and other big cats enjoy a peaceful and healthy existence. Tiger Haven is a permanent home for these majestic animals. According to its website, the cats at Tiger Haven, "...are not sold transfered, or given away. They are not used for breeders, and they do not work for a living." It's a "no-kill" facility that is solely dedicated to the comfortable well-being of its residents.

Take a gander at the Tiger Haven website. It's full of neat information, fun facts, photographs, references, an FAQ and video. And of course, you can meet each of Tiger Haven's residents.

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