Saturday, May 05, 2007

Down A Country Lane

A few years ago, my brother and his wife moved to Atlanta. Visiting the big city was fun, but the drive down I-75 was tedious at best. I could have gone down through Asheville and Greenville, SC and take I-85 to Hotlanta, but I wanted to avoid interstates and city driving for as long as possible before I hit my destination. I plotted out a route that would take me east of Asheville on NC209 through Hot Springs and down to Highway 23 which eventually runs to Atlanta (see the Google map). I didn't know what to expect when I set out, but I pleasantly surprised.
For about 45 miles, NC209 goes over mountains and twists through valleys. Following a winding road, I saw sights that seem almost lost to the world.


John L. Kerns said...

Nice photos.

mike said...

Neat article! I liked this one and the old Route 11 article.

I host a weekly internet radio show about traveling in America. Does anyone from this site have any interest in talking about unique places in your region that people would like to see, who are into traveling and not the Disneyville tourists.
Things like family run restaurants, Vintage America, classic tourist traps. neat downtowns... stuff like that...

My website is

Please let me know if someone would be interested in being interviewed for my show.

Amanderpanderer said...

Route 23 is beautiful, one of my favorite roads in the world.