Friday, May 18, 2007

Tonight in Knoxville: Great concert, great cause

Tonight in downtown Knoxville, a few of us Savants will be hosting a very special evening of local music in support of a very important cause.

Grandpa's Stash is one of the newest, hottest bands to hit Knoxville in a couple of years. Their distinctive brand of experimental and catchy rock and roll has earned them a rapidly-swelling flock of loyal fans after only a few months. Grandpa's Stash is a full-on rock and roll band with a horn section that adds a unique twist to the band's always fun, always thrilling live show. They'll play a unique, one-night-only jam session with one of East Tennessee's hardest-working rock bands, Central Funktion. Kicking things off will be Doug Shock, a standard on the Knoxville music scene. Doug's pop-rock shows have been pleasing crowds night after night for years.

All of the money raised at the door will go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, through its Team in Training program. In February 2006, Michelle Pfeffer lost her battle with Leukemia. Her friends Hannah Lowe and Sarah Surak will travel next month to San Diego to run in a half-marathon in Michelle's memory. Each is raising $4000 to donate to the research that hopefully will very soon bring an end to these terrible diseases. This concert will serve as the capstone event of our fundraising campaign.

I hope that all of our fellow Savants will join us tonight at World Grotto on Market Square. If you've not been to World Grotto before, it's a treat - an eclectic basement venue and art gallery with great acoustics. To get there, just walk to the east side of Knoxville's Market Square. Of course you can park for free in the Market Square garage, adjacent to the square on the west side.

We also want to thank our sponsors for all of their support:

Things will get kicked off around 8:00 or so. Bring your friends and join us!


Mike Mason said...

Well, how was it?

John L. Kerns said...

Just saw your comment. It was great! We had over 200 people and raised over $1300, putting us over our goal for the fundraising campaign. Thanks to everyone that pitched in.