Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Damn Yankees

I can no longer refer to the Bronx Bombers by that moniker. It is now solely reserved for Northerners that make their permanent residence south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Why? Well, you see, my blood flows orange and maroon, as in Virginia Tech. Now, the hated Yankees go and make nice...

"Yankees to tribute Hokies: The Yankees will hold a special pregame ceremony prior to Wednesday's [June 23] game against the Red Sox to remember the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, the team announced.

The Yankees will also present a $1 million contribution to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, established to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic on-campus events of April 16."

I grew up watching the Pulaski Braves, a former Appalachian League (go ahead, click the link) member, as they compiled the minor league players that would later win them a World Series. The Yankees were the nemesis verses the Braves in those days so I still harbor ill will toward them, until this evening.

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