Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spirit In The Sky

I recently purchased a new digital camera. Eager to try it out, I loaded up in the car and drove around southern Greene County looking for churches to photograph. I found plenty, some old, some new and of various denominations. The post title comes from the Norman Greenbaum hit that played on WIMZ while I was out driving.


Teri Lussier said...

What lovely photos. I've begun taking church photos around my neck of the woods, myself, but didn't think to post them all together. They do stand together as one post and would make a great Sunday entry.

At any rate, I'm glad you shared and good luck with your new camera. Can't wait to see more!

Ron's Thots said...

Thanks for some great pics. We have put some church pics of our associaton of churches on our church web site, but I would be just as interested in getting some pics of churches here in Greenbrier County. I have been inspired to get to work.

cechols said...

The pics are great, KFC. What kind of camera did you buy?

And are you coming with Paul Douglas to trivia this week?