Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Breakfast from Heaven

So I am on this thing now so let’s talk about food. I mean real coookin like; bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage, and red eye gravy along with the original. Let’s talk about Shatley Springs. It’s not much of a building or a drive if you do not love old time Appalachian scenery but the food will stay with you for years. I can still taste the salt on the country ham I had twelve years ago. I am talking about real country ham, the kind you salt cure in the shack behind the house. I am talking about heaven on your tongue, and a heart attack coming soon. This place is legendary in every way. Check out the history and if you can’t move after they cart your breakfast “family style” to you check out the cabins. To be in the mountains and to love the mountains you have to at least once eat like many of us were raised on. Drive there now and if the restaurant is closed pitch a tent. They will come and get you in the morning with real coffee in hand.