Friday, May 05, 2006

Hillbilly Odyssey

Although I hesitate to make my first contribution in the form of a shameless self-promotion, I'm doing it.

For the last week, I've been traveling across the United States. From Knoxville to Nashville, Memphis to El Paso and points beyond. It's been an incredible experience -- one I should have had years ago.

The trip isn't purely recreational, though. I'm traveling with my good friend, Jay, who is relocating to Ft. Irwin in Barstow, California.

Jay is in the Army. And he's a lawyer.

Beware the trained killer who will defend himself at his own trial.

The two of us are Greene County boys, raised in the woods of Romeo, Tennessee. Since leaving the nest, our travels have taken us to dramatically different places. I've been to Central America, Europe, and even Ohio. Jay's pretty well-traveled, too. But I don't keep up with where he's been.

That said, neither of us has ever made a trek across the nation like this. Everything we've seen, West of Little Rock, is new to us. Geography, wildlife, ethnic populations, driving habits. Everything.

I'm writing this having now reached our penultimate destination: Barstow, CA. All that's left is for us to voyage up along the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas so I can get on a plane and return home. Throughout the trip, I've kept a photographic record of our travels. And so, my first contribution to Hilbilly Savants is that travelogue:

An Hillbilly Odyssey.

There is more to come soon. If you find yourself interested in this odyssey, return to find out how it ends.


Jonesie said...

I'm a Knoxville girl, and I was so excited to literally trip across your blog. Yippeeee!

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