Monday, May 22, 2006

East Tennessee Festivals

Earlier I wrote about ramps and the over-powering odor, er, pleasure of ramp festivals. Well, after talking Sarah's ear off on the subject, she sent me this website, Tennessee Vactions. In and of itself, nothing fancy, right? Well, here is the nifty part: it has a truly rock-solid sub-site that lists special events (read festivals) of East Tennessee.

Holy Mosheim, Batman.

I want to go to the Secret City Festival. . . and anything in Mosheim.

Mosheim Mosheim Mosheim.

Knowing that good lists of festivals and special events existed for the great state of Tennessee, I thought I'd do a little more investigation. This is what I got for you:

North Carolina:
West Virginia: (Select the region, then "events")


cechols said...

I'll take you to Mosheim (pronounced 'maw-shime). Believe me, other than the Battle of Blue Springs, there's not much to see.

Actually, now I'm going to have to put together a post about Mosheim.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it's pronounced "Moss-I-m". You're right that not much goes on there, but in a good way.

Kelly said...

I live in Mosheim. You pronounce it Maw-sime (no h like the first poster thinks). They're right in that there isn't anything to see here - a nice, peaceful community with pleasant people - it's a great place to live.