Thursday, May 18, 2006


Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor just published a very interesting article the other day . . . some, for instance my father, might call it "delicious". The article, well, its about ramps.

What are ramps? Well, Jonsson's article describes it as a, and I quote here, "stinky mountain onion."

Oh, how true.

My first memories of ramps are of my Dad coming back from the Alderson ramp festival in the spring after eating fried ramps, ramps in chili, ramps with trout, and so on.

His sweat would smell like onions for a week at least.

I have never gone to a ramp festival, but its not for want of trying to organize a trip with the guys. The problem is convincing them to go. Perhaps this year . . . or not.

Obviously going to a festival featuring odiforious greenery alone is right out.

Oh, and by the by, if you're familiar with the Tri-Cities area, well, you'll probably want to mention the aforementioned article yourself - it centers around ramps growing wild in the Whitetop Mountain area. . . if only I'd known during college. Sigh.

I have some links for you. Dig on the Cosby Ramp Festival (TN), the Richwood Ramp Festival (WV), the Polk County Ramp Tramp Festival (TN), the Flag Pond Ramp Festival (WV), the Whitetop Mountain Ramp Festival (VA), the Randolph County Ramp Festival (WV), a nifty little MetroPulse "Secret History" article on the beloved vegetable, one and two Martha Stewart recipes for ramps, an NPR article describing the Diety's favorite wild vegetable, and an NPR article on wild foods in general, including the mighty ramp. I once heard a great NPR story on the ramp (I thought on The Splendid Table, but perhaps I'm wrong), which I'm still trying to find, and will add later if successful. Regardless, remember the stinky yet still delicious ramp. It remembers you.