Saturday, May 06, 2006

Henry Queen & The Family Queen

I'm not going to write too much here about the Queens, not because there isn't much to say, but because I'd rather you peruse their site yourself. They are, from all I've seen, a family of musicians perserving and playing traditional mountain music. Of course, when they say traditional mountain music, they're not implying that they only play older songs, but in fact that they play only music meeting the criterion of traditional, pre-bluegrass mountain music. You'll like it or you won't, I suppose, but its a refreshing sort of music, the kind that makes you feel genuinely content - I'd call it evening music, the kind you listen to either by a fire when its very cold or on the porch when its just the opposite.

That said, they're also responsible for a crazy sort of music that combines techno sensibilities with bluegrass and mountain music in the form of the Smoky Mountain Drum n' Bass. It is sorta' insane - I can't even describe it. I lack the words.

Regardless, really dig in and explore - there are many, many samples. Its worth a few minutes to get acquainted with a what might be called a royal family.

God, such a bad joke.

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