Saturday, May 06, 2006

Picture from Mike, Part II

This is the view from Kelly's Knob, on John's Creek Mountain, along the Appalachian Trail at the Giles / Craig County line. Here, you're looking to the southwest, across Giles, Bland, Pulaski, Wythe and even into Floyd, Carroll and Smyth Counties. I ran into an old grizzled hiker at this lookout who said that on a clear day you can see Mount Rogers and Whitetop Mountain in Grayson County. If you click on the picture, the furthest ridge that you can see on this hazy day is part of the Iron Mountain Ridgeline in Smyth County, near the Mountain Empire Airport, I think. For another look, click this panorama picture that a thru-hiker posted.
And here we're at the parking area for the A.T. crossing. I guess the Big Mountain Hunt Club needed something to use for target practice so in exchange for the sign, they'll pick up their shell casings and beer cans four times a year.

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