Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hardware Company

Just a thought. Will somebody buy the Hardware and make it into what we all want to see----a real “classy” music hall/restaurant/bar. There is a goldmine to be made if you do it right. (is Lee listening… by the way I saw an add for Dynabody by Lee on a phonebook back home. He is going to own his own country one day) Do you guys remember Tuesday night at Addison’s in Emory. The place was packed and I do not think that anyone went home unhappy, even Sean could dance his night away there. I miss those nights. Every time I go in the Hardware I feel like I just stepped into a poor rip off of a Kinkade painting. The place has gone so far down hill that I can not stand to step into the door and that is saying a lot since I worked in it’s kitchen for years. Abingdon needs a music venue. We have the Barter, which is truly worth the experience, but we need a place to go hear music from our culture that you would never find at Barter. Examples are Anais Mitchell and Darrell Scott. The building is perfect with its two floors and ample room to remodel. It is historic and respected. It is a place that can become a legend for Abingdon. Focus on the music.


J. Michael Mason said...

It's going to take an investor with a vision, not just a place where they can host parties for their friends and take money from the local drunks(as it is now).

The first thing I would do, remodel, and by that I mean get rid of the "back lounge". Although I once drank beer there, it does not scream "classy" or "a place that looks cool for a non-cocaine junkies to hang out". So, with it gone, tear down the wall between the main and back areas to create one large room. I could go on about aesthetic changes but I won't do it here.

Food-get rid of the same old every restaurant has it stuff. Make your menu unique to the region (Towne House Grille). Abingdon needs a decent chef. Since the Swiss Inn went under, you have to be a member of the Virginian to get top notch food. The town needs tapis, seafood (the unfried variety), Thai, Cabo, fine steaks and foul...

Music-open mic night for the unknown. Old Timey for the old timers. Jazz for the Abingdon socialites and unsocials. Name bands for the 20 somethings. Mix up the nighly rotation and you might have something. Look for talent at local college music depts. and local bands. The key is to mix things up so you're not just catering to one particular crowd, unlike today's Wither's Hardware.

Tori said...

Have you all seen this?

I adore the Tavern for dinner and drinks, but Abingdon desperately needs some sort of relaxed bar that stays open late. The old Hardware crew (and it was generally a good one) abandoned the place when Hazel took over, and despite her claims to the contrary, she never made improvements to the building or elevated the quality of food. Both the atmosphere and clientele have taken a steep downturn.

Perhaps the ABC crackdown will continue and she'll give it up, leaving the doors open for someone who genuinely gives a damn to take over. I was embarrassed to be in the place the last time I went, and honestly? I'd rather go to Dot's Inn (and do).