Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tailgating, Appalachian Style

Here's my proposal for the contributors and readers of this blog:

One event that polarizes just about all of us, unless you're a soccer fan, is college football. So, I'm proposing a research project of sorts. Let's hit the road this Autumn and enjoy some raw emotion and cooked ribs at four different college football games within the Appalachian region. We'll take notes on the indigenous foods being served at tailgates, the campus scenery and foliage, the game experience, so forth and so on..and report our findings here.

With that on the table, here is the schedule of top games to see in the region:

Game 1: Marshall @ Tennessee Sept. 23
Game 2: Randolph-Macon @ Emory & Henry Oct. 14

Game 3: Furman @ Appalachian State,
Oct 28
Game 4: Virginia Tech @ Wake Forest
Nov 18

If you want to be included in this project, list your yea in the comments and I'll take note for future updates on the idea.


Eric Drummond Smith said...

I think I am in K-town for the Marshall/Tennessee roundabout. Drop me a line and we'll figure out housing jonx.

SteveLong said...

Helluva idea, MM. I don't know if I can make all three, but I would love to try and get to at least to of them. Boone's close though, that one shouldn't be a big deal. Keep us posted.

Nathan Fortner said...

Sounds like a damn fine plan...