Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shady Valley

I can think of virtually no place any closer to an Appalachain paradise than Shady Valley, Tennessee. But hey, I'm partial, of course, since I have lived there virtually all of my life. Bordered on three sides by Iron Mountain, Holston Mountain, and Cross Mountain (appropriately named because it "bridges" between the other two), this valley is strikingly beautiful. Wildlife, mountain scenery, and Appalachain hospitality are found in abundance here. And it's not as isololated as one might think, at least not to those who are accustomed to having to spend a little time behind the wheel to get where they're going. Here are some of the surrounding towns and approximate drive times from "the Valley":

-Damascus, VA, 15 minutes
-Abingdon, VA, 25-30 minutes
-Bristol, TN/VA, 35 minutes
-the "tri-cities" of Emory, Glade Spring, and Meadowview, VA (hat tip to Jay Webb), 40 minutes
-Mountain City, TN, 20 minutes
-Elizabethton, TN, 30 minutes
-Johnson City, TN, 45 minutes
-Kingsport, TN, 50 minutes
-Boone, NC, 45 minutes
-Blowing Rock, NC, 60 minutes

So, considering that there could not possibly be anywhere else that one could actually need, much less want, to go, (just kidding,- a little), I ask this simple question. Is there any other place that offers this same access to so many other places, while at the same offering such a comfortable, nigh on perfect, buffer from them? Well, of course there are! It's just that I don't need to know about them because I've got it made right here. So ya'll come see us and we'll trade stories. And don't "come after fire" (anyone ever heard that one before?), take your coat off and stay awhile.


J. Michael Mason said...

Stephen E.
I bow to the west 5 times a day to the Mecca that is Shady Valley. Amen, and thanks for posting!

SteveLong said...

Thanks, Mike! This place means a lot to me. Although, I must say I've always felt quite at ease there on the banks of the New River!

Anonymous said...

This is a personal request for anyone in the Shady Valley area. My name is Robert Rutter, and I need someone to contact any of the Rutters still surviving in Shady Valley (David Rutter?), and provide them with my phone number, so that I may provide them with an ancestry lineage for some of the oldest families in Shady Valley, including their family. If any Heaberlin is still there, I would also appreciate their contact. I may be contacted at 276-669-1381. I am talking about some of the original families making up the Shady Valley Community. Earnest Rutter (Blevins Cemetery) was my grand uncle. I need to find Bird (Birdine) Rutter's grave, etc. Any personal interest, and information from any of the Shady residents would be appreciated. My email address is In the eastern portion of the valley (Crandull), you will find a "Rutter Ridge." I assume that the original Bird Rutter property was the frontal land to this landmark. A former resident, Ciscero(?) Rutter was my First cousin, one generation removed. I know Jim Hutchinson, and, evidently, one of his ancestors registered Earnest Rutter for World War I. I have a copy of that registration. I am really interested in all the families in Shady Valley, for so many have contributed to its history. My family ties are to that approximately 12% German ancestry within Shady Valley. There are so many, and the McQueens were among the first settlers. The real beauty lies in the hearts and minds of the residents of Shady Valley, and in the history of the original settlers. I could go on, and on, but I'll end by simply saying that Shady Valley also makes up a large part of my ancestors' history. For those who are interested, I have aerial maps of the entire valley, with overlays of roads, etc., along with locations of prominent features, graveyards, etc. All of this can be downloaded FREELY from the internet.

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